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WQeMS Training Course

WQeMS Training Course

last update on: 06/15/2023

The participants will learn:

  • About what Copernicus is, who owns and operates the various tools and services, what people and organisations contribute to the sustainability of the programme, what services it currently offers, the type of data managed by the services, as well as interoperability aspects of data and services, etc.
  • Earth Observation data, the meaning of spectrum, and various technical background tools.
  • The WQeMS project, the produced Platform that offers access to all WQeMS Earth Observation and detection service and tools, as well as the details about each individual service component, how it works, what it produces and how to interpret and use the products.

Moreover, the participants will be able to use the WQeMS Platform and obtain hands-on knowledge and experience on all functionalities.